Brain is glitching on bad photography

Today my brain is glitching something fierce.  I really hate being hypercritical of others but I really hate bad photographers and photoshop users calling themselves professional photographers.  I think what I hate even more is the people who oooh and aaah over these rotten examples of “professional” work.

Now I love photography.  I even sell some of my photographs.  I photograph events.  People ask me to take their pictures and they pay me but I would never call myself a professional photographer.

Here are my major pet peeves with unprofessional “professional” photographers.

  1. over sharpening images – especially the eyes.  COME ON NOW!  it looks fake and bad.  real bad.
  2. over saturating the images.  ouch my eyes.
  3. thinking photoshop will save a shitty image.
  4. over use of filters
  5. slapping their name on every image
  6. over washing out an image
  7. over bluring the sides without precision.

whoo – got it out.

sorry – go about your day now.  I’m done.