The Girl in the Gatehouse

So I got myself hooked into a romance novel. Here and there I’ll read a romance novel if it catches my attention.  I don’t know exactly why The Girl in the Gatehouse by Julie Klassen caught it but I’m happy that it did.  Embarassed to admit it but I devoured this book in one evening.  Couldn’t stop reading – helped that I wasn’t feeling good and sleep was evading me.

I rather enjoyed this book.  I really liked Miss Aubrey as she was interesting and kind.  I really loved how she didn’t mope about drolling on about her losses.  She was likeable, she had talents, she was nice to her servants.  The captain was also very likeable and I enjoyed the other characters as well.  as far as her scandal goes?  even though it wasn’t “fair” she handled it well – not passing off blame though she could have, not whining, not acting the victim.

Here is the book’s description.
Miss Mariah Aubrey, banished after a scandal, hides herself away in a long-abandoned gatehouse on the far edge of a distant relative’s estate. There, she supports herself and her loyal servant the only way she knows how–by writing novels in secret.
Captain Matthew Bryant, returning to England successful and wealthy after the Napoleonic wars, leases an impressive estate from a cash-poor nobleman, determined to show the society beauty who once rejected him what a colossal mistake she made. When he discovers an old gatehouse on the property, he is immediately intrigued by its striking young inhabitant and sets out to uncover her identity, and her past.
But the more he learns about her, the more he realizes he must distance himself. Falling in love with an outcast would ruin his well-laid plans. The old gatehouse holds secrets of its own. Can Mariah and Captain Bryant uncover them before the cunning heir to the estate buries them forever?

Zen Cards

I recently found this set of 50 cards with zen like words with phrases on the back.

I really enjoy the card for “Dance”

in dance, no movement or direction is betterr or worse than another.  This, too, is a way to view all of life.  see all the “good and bad” things that happen to you simply as movements in the dance of life.


I just updated my ereader and borrowed the following titles from my public library!

1.  Eight Grade Bites (Chronicles of Vladimir Tod) by Heather Brewer – I’m sure it’s a bit too immature for me but it looks like it’ll be a good read none the less.  I have the box set sitting on my book shelf in the family room brand new still in the box so hopefully I’ll give this a go.

2. Nine Grade Slays – book 2 of the same set – because you know – if I actually read the first one then I’ll have to read the second one.  If not – im really sorry to any library patron who may have wanted to read this.

3.  The Daring Book for Girls by Andrea Buchanan and Miriam Peskowitz.  – just because I love it so much.  Also need to start making plans for our Daring Club for Girls this summer.  I have this in hardback and should buy the e-version but I find it so hard to own two of the same book even though it’s different formats.  I also promised my husband that I would sell/ donate any physical copy that I purchased an e copy for and I can’t bare to part with my Daring Book.

4. Sanity Savers:  Tips for Women to Live a Balanced Life by Dale Vicky Atkins and Barbara Scala.  Because as a wife and a mother of a very active, emotional girl I could definately use some sanity saving advice.

Currently Reading

I am still reading “Organize for a Fresh Start: Embrace Your Next Chapter in Life” by Susan West.  This book has taken me FOREVER to get through but there have been some gems in the process.  I find myself reading the same page over and over again.  I think it’s because my ADHD brain has a hard time understanding the concept of organization that it’s like I’m trying to read a foreign language with this book.  I would love to find an organization book for people with ADHD, maybe even written by someone with ADHD but alas the book would wind up being about squirrels or puppies or pretty sparkly jewelry.  I’m almost to the end of the book and will write further on this once I get there.  I’ve bookmarked the pages to information I’d like to try to use.

The Hunger Games

I haven’t writted about the Hunger Games yet even though I absolutely love this trilogy.  This blog is about happiness and the books make me feel tons of emotions but happiness really isn’t one of them.  This trilogy has completely captured my imagination and it’s superbly written.  I’m so excited about the upcoming movie and cannot wait for it to get here.  I loaned my physical copies to my sister who of course loved them.  I have my digital copies at the ready on my ereader and browse through them frequently. 

I went browsing through the book section at Kmart the other day and found this gem, The Hunger Games Tribute

Guide”  Now I’ve been working on paring down my books and haven’t bought a new one in a few weeks but this one flew into my hand and made it through the checkout.  It is a beautiful guide and a definately tease because the movie is still more than a few days away.  My husband has started reading the first book and I want to share this one with him but I don’t want to ruin the book for him by giving away parts of the book.  I wish he would get hooked already and read faster.