Yard Sale is 11 days away!

Man, time is ticking away fast.  Only 11 more days before this yard sale.  Feels like not enough time before this “magical” day where my wallet will be fatter and my house lighter.

My daughter and I went through her toy box, stuffed animal net and dress up clothes today.  She was able to fill a small tote with items for the sale.  I think she is finally starting to see that when there is less STUFF there is more opportunities for play.  It’s also easier to pick up and put away.  It becomes easier and easier.

Here are the items that we’ve pulled aside for the yard sale since May.  (all the yard sale stuff collection before April 30 is out in the shed already).

A small glimpse into the nightmare known as my family room.  The books and games on the shelves are not for sale but everything else pictured is going out on June 2.  I’m so excited.  Race car tracks, her dress up trunk, the kitchen set, and quite a bit more.  I purchased two under the bed totes for my daughter that will create limits – one tote for her dress up items and one tote for doll clothes.  She likes the totes and likes how easy it is for her to get to them.  She also agreed to the set limits (once the tote is full something has to go before new can come in).

I used to be so opposed to anything being under the beds.  You might not have been able to walk through the room but by golly the space under the bed would be free.  We have two totes under our bed – one for our linen and one for our daughter’s linen.  I was so opposed to this but it really helps.  If the sheets don’t fit in the totes then we have too much.  The totes also keep the linen clean and dust free until we need to change the sheets (our house gets dusty really fast).  I wish that the blankets would fit in them but it’s not quite big enough so a small laundry basket is in our closet with our extra blankets.

I’m tired of telling her no.  It’s been so difficult though because she had (has) so much stuff that she struggled with putting it away so the mess would be in every room and it would be so overwhelming.  It’s gotten so much easier as we’ve been decluttering.  I also have her help set up where the items go so she remembers.