Halloween fun

My husband was so excited when he found a darth vader costume for our dog Jack.  It took us over 30 minutes to get Jack to sit still long enough for us to take this picture.  He wanted to jump and run around – definately not sit still.  Hope you enjoy!

We have our annual Halloween party for my daughter and her friends.  I picked Friday evening because our time is quickly filling up.  I wanted to do it on a Saturday because our parties are always on Saturdays but there wasn’t an available Saturday anywhere near Halloween so Friday will have to do.  I’m a little worried that we won’t get everything done by then but it’ll be okay.  I’m going to make chili and cornbread, make a big pot of hot chocolate and have my husband and daughter make some ghoulish treats.

We went to the pumpkin farm yesterday and bought 30+ pumpkins and acorn squash for the party.  We are going to let each child pick one to paint and then take home.  We are also going to play the clothespin game where they can’t say Halloween, candy or spider.  If they get caught saying one of those words they lose their pin.  I may have them play pin the heart on the skeleton because that is always fun to watch.

My husband is planning on making a pinata but he is quickly running out of time to do so.  We haven’t even finished decorating yet but there are skeletons, vampires, pumpkins and more starting to spook my home.


Planting Flowers

Months ago my husband bought me the plant stands below.  I was very confused as to why he would buy these for me since I really don’t like dirt but when I asked him he stated that they were on clearance and really cheap.  I finally decided that if we were going to keep these plant stands that they needed plants on them so the other day I went to Walmart and bought these 9 bright red pots and today I bought a rather large bag of dirt.  The back of our house is yucky and gross and I rarely ever go back there.  The ground looks dead and my husband has yet to clean the siding so it’s a little funky (he takes care of the outside and I take care of the inside of the home).  My daughter and I filled the 9 bright red pots today full of dirt and seeds.  I thought that if I put the pots back where it was yucky and gross that once they start to bloom it wouldn’t feel so bad back there.  Maybe we’ll even want to take care of it back there.

planted are poppies, catnip, assorted herbs, wildflowers, perenial mix, marigolds, nasturtiums.  It’ll be bright and colorful.

Our dog really enjoyed being outside with us as well.


Edited to add pictures of the flowers my husband gave me for our anniversary: