Go Nuts! Dice Game by Gamewright.  Crazy fun dice game!  Gotta love Gamewright games!  They are definately one of my favorite game publishers!

Playchest Games Go Fish by Mattel.  Very cute kid’s game where you can either match colors or numbers.  Meant for a younger group of kids but still enjoyable and we had fun as a family.

Toy Story 3 The Video Game by Disney (Video Game – Jun 15, 2010) – PlayStation 3

Forbidden Island by Gamewright.  This fantastic game is on my wish list!  I played it at my brother’s and would love to own it.  So much fun!

Magic Orbz for PS3.  It’s a brick breaking game but it’s colorful and fun with interesting scenes – pirates, castles, and weapons.  It has some great bonus add-ons.

Blue Toad Murder Files for PS3.  It’s a detective game that my daughter and I loved.  There are 6 episodes that takes you from start to finish for the murder mystery where you are the detective.  I repeatedly said, “DUN DUN DUNNNNNN!” which is okay because I have ADHD afterall and my daughter didn’t mind.  Be warned though – not much in the way of replayability.  The scenerios and puzzles do not change so it’ll be a one-time thing but I felt the price was appropriate.  Each chapter took us an hour to get through so it was about 6 hours of quality entertainment and mother-daughter bonding.  Also – up to four players can play!

Just Dance 3 by UBI Soft (Video Game – Oct 7, 2011) – Nintendo Wii.  Rented it, LOVED it! Bought it.  Just saying.

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