Day 6 – Ready for the Weekend

Homework update for last night.

Didn’t happen – at least not in the way that I had expected it to.  I picked up my daughter from daycare and then my husband from work and headed home.  It was a tiring day and I was exhausted.  We made dinner and sat down as a family to eat – spaghetti with sausage, garlic cheese bread and a tossed salad which is a family favorite and a great pick when moods are low or energy is fading.  My daughter cracked us up with fart stories and then shared with us how Carson and Nick both have crushes on her.  After dinner we watched her play Toy Story on the PS3 and simply put – we found happiness just in spending some family time together yesterday.

Afterward I laughed loudly to the comedic humor of George Takei through his facebook page.  There is a particularly funny comic that really made my night –

Made sure my daughter was tucked in, drank some tangerine orange tea with my husband while watching an episode of Lost.

Homework Update #1

No artwork was completed last night.  It wasn’t the right time I believe because it would have taken me away from where my family was and last night that’s where I felt I needed to be.

Homework Update #2

The beast still sits.  My husband reminded me that it would probably be best to move it to the curb after the garbage has come and gone.  So today is the day!

Today’s Plans

My husband is off so we are going grocery shopping after I’m done work today.  We actually planned our meals out for the week which makes things so much smoother.  It also makes grocery shopping easier because we actually know what we need to buy.   The entrance has a shelf that I haven’t tackled yet and I’m trying to decide if this is a this week task or if I wait until next month when I’m back in zone 1 again.  We are putting away Christmas decorations this weekend and I’m trying to figure out how to fit some fun in.