Ice Skating on New Year’s

I am afraid of so many things.  walking on dirty floors without shoes on, falling on ice, trying new things, getting hurt, looking stupid.  I used to let fear run my life.  OCD has me fear for the worst.  On New Year’s day I went ice skating with my daughter, brother, sister and their family.  Had a mini panic attack when getting my skate rentals as they told me I needed to give them my shoes.  I told them no and the lady said “no shoes, no skates”  I turned around and looked – a large space with lots of people.  some were walking around in shoes, some with skates and some with just socks.  There was a cafe and people were eating.  spilled hot cocoa, french fries and ketchup, and dirt were on the floor.  I turn back.  my daughter is sitting on the floor already pulling off her boots.  My brother and his wife walk over to the rental counter.  I’m convinced that she will at least hesitate.  I tell her they need us to take our shoes off for our rentals.  She says, okay!” and then bends over to pull her shoes off.  I take my shoes off and get my skates.


It was fun!  I fell twice.  and got back up and kept on skating.  I was sore and tired but also was excited and determined to try it again and be more active in other areas.  When I was skating I realized that I need to take better care of myself so I can enjoy life more!