so my birthday is almost over and I’m finishing the day off with a sigh of relief.  I’ve come a long way since my birthday last year.  on my birthday last year the OCD and panic disorder was so intense that my husband said to me in all seriousness that he would take me to the ER for my safety if I wanted to go.  It’s been a rough year but has not gotten to that point – it was super scary and I knew that things needed to change.  I started by grounding my daughter for a week, getting her into therapy for her own anxiety problems and got serious about my own mental health treatment needs.

i decided to celebrate my birthday a day early – a quiet day at my mom and dad’s.  i let my sister and her husband know that if they wanted to travel that i wouldn’t be opposed to their appearance.  my husband, daughter and i packed up and went on up.  I picked out the food and purchased it myself so i could have exactly what i wanted to eat – shrimp skewers with pineapple, peppers and onion.  BBQ chicken.  black beans and rice.  corn on the cob.  and lemonade of course.

we ate outside, the breeze was blowing and the gardens were lovely.  i watched the hummingbirds feed on sugar water, the finches, robins and other birds nibbled on seeds at the feeding station.  bees buzzed by.

for my birthday i bought my daughter a gift – the Banzai water slide.  Now when I looked on amazon for the product picture it lists from about $65-75.  Now that is crazyness right there.  I bought it on clearance at kmart for $25.  It was the best $25 i’ve spent all summer.  Now i’m sure you are wondering why i would buy a gift for my daughter when it was my birthday?  well – it bought me several hours of leisure on a typically stressful day for me.   she was so busy playing with it that i didn’t hear the “mom, mom, mom, mom.” over and over again.  I also didn’t hear, “i’m bored” or other please entertain me even though it’s your birthday complaints.  I could sip on lemonade, play horseshoes, watch my family harvest from the garden, zone out, relax.

PS – the actual product appears much smaller than what is pictured on the box – creative photography and all.  The reviews are bad on it but i love it – even if it doesn’t last as long as people think it should.

Birthday Party!

My husband just celebrated his birthday this week.  He wanted to invite people over for a cook out and of course I said yes.  Typically this is a high stress thing for me but I noticed that I was not too worried about it.  Normally I would try to make too many different things to eat and drink and then go crazy preparing.  I kept it simple – meat for the grill.  I pre-cooked the chicken the night before and covered it with a marinade so all my husband needed to do was heat it up on the grill.  I kept the sides to 3 – a fruit salad, salt potatoes and cut up veggies (broccoli, celery and baby carrots).  I limited the drink choices to two – sun tea and a punch.

The house needed to be cleaned for the party.  Typically this would be a massive cleaning session which would involve stashing and dashing of all the clutter.  We’ve been decluttering daily to get ready for our upcoming yard sale.  I’ve been pricing and boxing up as I go and the husband has been taking the finished boxes out to the shed.  I realized that with much of the clutter gone cleaning is much easier.  The day of the party we just had to clean the bathrooms (which were already looking good from the zone cleaning), wash up the dishes, quickly mop the kitchen and relax.

The day before my husband clean up the family room quickly by putting items in the closet and out in the shed.  This wouldn’t have been possible had I not gotten things sorted.  While he slept though I focused on the kitchen.  I felt great about this process because I finally felt ready to let things go like the extra slow cooker, the cookie cutters that we never use, extra baking sheets and more.  I sorted through the spices and the baking items.  When he woke up he was impressed with how clean the kitchen was.