Blogs and Websites I Love

1.  The Happiness Project – Gretchen Rubin wrote a book about her year spent trying to become happier.  I wish I would have found this website sooner!

2. The Everyday Minimalist – very interesting site with lots of great articles to think about.  I’ve always been envious of minimalist while I swim in a sea of clutter.

3.  The Fly Lady – I love fly lady.  Her system is a great way for the SHEs of the world to become more organized.  Great for people with ADHD – in my opinion.

4.  Girl With Curves – Tanesha Awasthi is beautiful and fashionable – oh and she’s curvy.

5.  Sew Cute By Lindsay – an adorable etsy  shop with super fun animals in even better fabrics.

6. Miss Minimalist – quickly becoming my go-to girl for inspiration and the push to do better.  Will I ever be a 100 item or less girl?  definately no.  Will I be at a place where I will only keep what I love and use? I sure hope so!

7.  How Does She? –  absolutely would recommend signing up for their emails.  Lots of great ideas on this site including the homemade laundry soap and play dough.

8.  Clutter 365 –  an interesting blog by Alison where she is decluttering one item per day.  She includes pictures which I think is great.

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