My Dining Room

A new house, a new beginning.  We sold so much but the new house came with so much.  We have got to keep the clutter under control especially since this house is so much bigger.  We’ve been downsizing to make it comfortable and more calming to help the children and ourselves.

One of the rooms I’m trying to leave sparse is our dining room.  all meals are eaten here and art is created here.  sometimes it feels like it “echos” but filling up the space is not an option.  This room has held meals for 3 to 9 people at a time.  When we have 9 it’s a real tight squeeze.  it’s the most comfortable with 6.

image photo image1

Our dining room has 7 heavy wooden chairs.  When we have 7 kids with us (our daughter included), we have to pull in two more from the other room.  We have 1 large table, 1 small side table with two booster seats.  A high chair is down in the basement in case we get a young one with us.  There is a basket with crafts – tissue paper, glue, paint brushes and paper.   Occassionally the basket gets replaced by a vase with flowers, or a tote with markers, or a pile of cardstock – depending on the mood.

I thought about putting on a table cloth and adding place mats but decided that means more work and less family time.  More laundry and more stress from spills.  right now all we have to do is wipe down, sweep and occassionally mop.

On our walls we have a map of the world.  Some of the kids have mentioned that it feels like school and asked why I have the map.  I stated that I love the colors and that I’ve always loved maps.  I have found the kids intently looking at the map, searching for countries.  I secretly smile at this. 

There are 4 curtain panels with 3 curtain rods.  I would love to replace these with blinds but there is no rush. 

There is 1 clock and 1 sign.  The sign is part of a series I made for the new house – What Good Behavior Looks Like In:  Each room has a few rules on the sign to help our guests know what we expect. 

New Image

Not pictured – two pennant banners and a few balloons I’m not ready to take down from my birthday.  My husband has also added a fan which is kind of driving me nuts because it’s an eyesore. 

This room has been the location where lots of great conversations, lovely crafts, amazing card tricks and bonding has taken place.  I believe part of it is due to there always being an empty seat and a clear table to encourage the experience.