so apparently I haven’t written in 5 MONTHS! I’m trying to remember when my life turned upside down. It doesn’t look anything like it did when I last posted. Here are the major updates:

1. My husband and I became certified foster parents
2. We moved from our small 3 bedroom house to an extremely large 6 bedroom house.
3. I had to find new homes for my bunny, cat and dog – a decision I’m still majorly struggling with.

We are now providing short-term respite care for up to 6 children at a time. It’s still new to us. We started in June – April and May were spent going through the certification process and the packing to move process. We are still trying to sell our house. I’m still trying to find our groove.

I find that the OCD that I struggle with has been worse lately but that was expected. I spend a lot of time making sure the house is JUST right. I also spend quite a bit of time hand washing and washing fabrics (clothes, blankets, etc).

I find that there are certain things that I really love about my new life. The first being the house comes with a washer and dryer and maintenance if it breaks so no more going to the laundromat for me. There is a fenced in back yard complete with basketball hoop, wooden swing set with slide and deck with picnic table. I also have a dishwasher now so I really don’t mind doing dishes anymore. I’m spending more time doing activities inside of mindlessly sitting at my computer.

Here are some of the things I’ve done so far with my daughter and the kids

1. 3 trips to the library
2. attend a family reunion
3. learned how to make paper mache bowls
4. made paper beads
5. baked cakes from scratch
6. baked cookies
7. watched fireworks
8. played lots of mario party 8
9. water balloon games
10. watched a play written by my daughter and 2 of my girls
11. taught kids how to cook
12. attempted to make sugar crystals
13. attempted a diet coke/ mentos fountain
14. brushed lots of hair
15. created stories around the dinner table
16. watched my husband teach card tricks
17. made paper water bombs
18. played with bubbles
19. hosted 3 sleepovers for my daughter
20. paddle boating

There’s been bad parts of this new life. First and foremost – I miss my dog so bad that it hurts. Second is the negative behaviors – 7 full weeks with 34 different respites with 29 unique individuals plus two of my daughter’s friends we’ve been busy. with so many different people we see more than our fair share of tantrums and defiant behavior. The third thing I struggle with is our new loss of freedom. When you are watching other people’s children in a foster care type setting you can’t just up and go anywhere. Even the act of taking our daughter to therapy now requires a babysitter and advanced planning.

so an easy list of 20 life enriching activites paired with a heavy list of 3 negatives. There have been many heart warming moments in this adventure and a few really punch you in the guts. I’m hoping the good outweighs the negatives so we all come out for the better.


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