Ice Skating on New Year’s

I am afraid of so many things.  walking on dirty floors without shoes on, falling on ice, trying new things, getting hurt, looking stupid.  I used to let fear run my life.  OCD has me fear for the worst.  On New Year’s day I went ice skating with my daughter, brother, sister and their family.  Had a mini panic attack when getting my skate rentals as they told me I needed to give them my shoes.  I told them no and the lady said “no shoes, no skates”  I turned around and looked – a large space with lots of people.  some were walking around in shoes, some with skates and some with just socks.  There was a cafe and people were eating.  spilled hot cocoa, french fries and ketchup, and dirt were on the floor.  I turn back.  my daughter is sitting on the floor already pulling off her boots.  My brother and his wife walk over to the rental counter.  I’m convinced that she will at least hesitate.  I tell her they need us to take our shoes off for our rentals.  She says, okay!” and then bends over to pull her shoes off.  I take my shoes off and get my skates.


It was fun!  I fell twice.  and got back up and kept on skating.  I was sore and tired but also was excited and determined to try it again and be more active in other areas.  When I was skating I realized that I need to take better care of myself so I can enjoy life more!


More decluttering

Positive news!  I misunderstood my husband – he didn’t want me to keep all the get rid ofs for a yard sale.  He wanted me to keep some of our daughter’s short sleeve shirts aside for the summer.  He’s already loaded the car with the donations for me to get rid of tomorrow.

I am trying to declutter at least one section of my home each day.  The other day I went through my closet.  the next day I continued with the closet.  I have two long totes and a laundry basket.  I thought that I’d get rid of something but I didn’t.  I sorted through the sheets, pillow cases and blankets that were in there but I previously purged down to two sets for my bed and three sets for my daughter.  We’ve already purged several blankets and I just didn’t see anything I wanted to get rid of.  Last Sunday I did manage to get rid of a chunky blue beaded necklace that doesn’t fall quite right and a dead plant out of my kitchen.

Even though I had a busy day on Tuesday I still managed to get rid of several items.

Today’s Purge 1.1.13

  • Foam ornament kit
  • Christmas gift bag
  • Potpourri
  • Fake snow
  • Small tube of glue
  • Wall plaque – wedding gift
  • Set of 4 oven mitts – Christmas gift
  • Steelers tree topper
  • Knee highs
  • Green slinky
  • Paintbrush
  • Purple shirt that’s too rough
  • 3 partial sticker sheets
  • Some toy?
  • 2 hair ribbons
  • Moshi monster toy
  • Small pack crayons
  • Dress up tiara
  • Child’s hoodie with broken zipper
  • Christmas dress
I purged quite a bit this weekend but didn’t record it all.  My husband and I sorted through sections of the kitchen and sections of the big bathroom.  We pulled everything out from the cabinets that hold our canned goods, snacks, pantry items, baking supplies, spices and seasonings and storage containers.  Here is a few of the items we got rid of:
  • instant rice
  • more candy
  • chips and pretzels we didn’t eat
  • jello our daughter decided she didn’t like
  • expired food
  • spices and seasonings
  • corn syrup
  • microwave rice cooker
  • large heavy cutting board
  • storage containers
  • lots of tea
  • kool aid packets
  • and more

We tackled part of the mess in the big bathroom.  got rid of more

  • two things of lotion
  • expired medications
  • prescriptions we no longer use
  • extra tweezers and nail cutters (which my mom quickly took)
  • hand soaps
  • old makeup
  • and a lot more

I also got rid of two pairs of black shoes that don’t feel good anymore and a very worn out backpack (only lasted 4 months of school).

I Resolve to…

I resolve to make baby sets to becoming a healthier, happier me.
  1. I will eat a little less fast food and a little less sugar.
  2. I will help others a little more this year.
  3. I will acknowledge others when I notice they are doing a good job.
  4. I will be kinder to myself and to my daughter.
  5. I will talk a little less and listen a little more.
  6. I will smile a little more this year.
  7. I will be a little better of a person than I was last year.
  8. I will make time for activities I enjoy and spend a little less time on activities that I do not enjoy
  9. I will save a little bit out of each paycheck.
  10. I will move my body a little more.

This year it was hard to pick a resolution.  I mean last year I started this blog on New Year’s Day.  My resolution for last year was

My goal for this year is to practice a new skill each week.  The areas I’m going to focus on are skills to help build my happiness levels and my self-esteem.  I’m also going to work on skills to reduce my complaining and lessen my anxiety.

I had planned on following, “Better than Chocolate.  50 proven ways to feel happier” and “Sink Reflections” Did I use these books last year?  Yes but I didn’t stick with them as I had originally planned.  My OCD threw a monkey wrench in and I was determined not to let my OCD stop me from accomplishing my goal.  I practiced new skills, I built my self-esteem and I am much happier.  Most days I complain less and I did lessen my anxiety.  I still need improvement in all those areas but it was definitely a successful year for me.

As I was searching internet for resolution inspiration I found a great blog post by Curtis Silver titled 10 New Year’s Resolutions for Everyone Else.  I especially liked #2 which is Start talking to your kid’s toys like they do.  and #1 Remember that every moment is a New Year.  You just have to make it happen.  I also found that has a page for popular New Year’s resolutions.  It has 13 popular goals and it links to information to help you reach those goals.

I was starting to feel desperate, like I just needed to say my goal was something, anything.  I almost used a New Year’s resolution generator to pick a resolution.  But I know what I’d like to accomplish.  I want to continue to progress to a happier, healthier me so if I take baby steps I know I will be successful.

I think I will also make an effort to work on Fly Lady’s habit of the month which for January happens to be Shine Your Sink.  As I type this though I can see my kitchen sink and counter.  They are not shiney – they are yucky.  dirty dishes like crazy.  it seems like they multipy faster than rabbits.  Have you ever wanted to throw away all your dishes but one set per person?  You’d have to wash them after each use or else you would have no dishes to eat off of.