More Decluttering

after i posted I decided I wanted to purge more.  unfortunately the items were small so it doens’t make a huge difference and my family room and now it looks like a disaster.  oh well.  my paperless list:

Today’s Purge Part 2

Blue foam crown

Garbage – yes paper trash

Coffee pot that was in a previous yard sale (don’t know why we still have this? It should have disappeared already)

Dingy Santa hat

Mini memory book kit unopened

Blue cloister bead necklace

2 pair earrings and 1 pendant

Light blue shirt  that I love (with stain that i don’t love)

3 mini hotel bars of soap

Reindeer pendant

Tops monopoly pieces

Panty hose


Business cards

Coupons I won’t use

Zots adhesive dots

a 3 pack of cdrs

Izzys school work

Junk mail

Received Christmas cards

Letter to izzy from Santa

School calendar



Gum ball machine toy she won’t remember

Broken sled ornament

9 flameless tea light candles

Tea bags

Hand clapper

Avengers cell phone strap (from a gumball machine)

Scarf that makes her think of Ollie

Pink Christmas socks with a hole in the heel

Too small pink and brown striped scarf

Ring with pink stones

Christmas coloring book

2 sets of animal wall hooks

Cheese balls

Expired coupons I would have used

Halloween candy

Plastic pirate earrings

2 more mini hotel bars of soap

Broken stylus

Christmas wreath pin

Ticket stub to hockey game

Dress up kids gloves

More mini hotel – 3 conditioners, 2 soaps, 1 shampoo


IMG_0397 IMG_0455 IMG_0457 IMG_0459


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