Decluttering my bedroom

I love my iPhone – apps make the phone both useful and distracting.  One of my favorites is Paperless.  There is a free version but the free one sucks.  The $2.99 Paperless is pretty fantastic.  You can make checklists, assign it a cute little icon and has beautiful themes.  Mine is pink with a cute plaid background.  What i love is that it’s easy to make a list and then you can email it to yourself.

Today I used the Paperless app to keep track of the items I have decided to get rid of and then emailed the list to myself for an easy cut and paste.

Today’s Purge

2 pairs stained socks too yucky to donate (why do white socks get so gross?)

5 holey socks fit for the trash (which hubby said he was still using – too late)

Letter to Santa (after pictures were taken because the letter was so cute)

Orange top too long. and too big at neck

Black capris that smell funny

Jeans that are uncomfortable

Brown striped capris that aren’t flattering

2 belts I don’t wear that came with sweaters that I do wear

2 pairs brown socks

1 pair orange socks (was told they looked like Halloween)

2 Mini hotel conditioners

Purple flower pin

Mini hotel soap

Yellow headband

Pumpkin decoration

Shirt that is a bit see through and a bit too short

Pretty jewelry I never wear; 4 butterfly hair pins,  1 heart pin,  1 bug pin,  4 pairs studs

Pink spiky ball

1 pair gray socks

1 pair black gray white striped socks

1 worn out bra

My clothes

Tank top with ruffled sleeves that I always want to cut off
Tank top that doesn’t hide bra straps
Brown sweater from my mom
Red stretched out sweater that I love
Lovely dark green sweater I never wear
Black shirt with tight sleeves near the wrists
Hoodie with broken zipper
Black capris with rough fabric
Jeans that haven’t fit in years
Blue shirt with scratchy neck
2 lovely blue button up shirts

And one drawer in my daughter’s room:

My daughters clothes; Shaw, Skirt, Dress, 2 sweaters, 18 shirts

slight dilema – I want to take them to the Salvation Army to get rid of the three bags.  my husband says to hold onto the items.  I asked him if we were holding onto the stuff for a yard sale in the spring/ summer and he said he didn’t know.  Do I really need to hold onto this stuff until the spring?  that seems kind of silly.  I’ll store it in the shed (for now) and maybe we will just let it go for real soon.  I’m yard saled out and just want to bless others without the items I just want gone.  73 items – maybe I should find 27 more for an even 100.  wouldn’t be a bad purge for one day.  73 is a pretty good purge though.


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