Dessert Smoothie

we are junk food junkies in our home. my daughter and I love our icecream. My husband stated that we needed to work on our fitness as he was exhausted from chasing our runaway dog. I stated we also needed to start eating healthier. my daughter started fussing stating she loves candy and doesn’t want to give it up. I stated she didn’t have to give up candy but she would have to start eating healthier as well. so tonight instead of ice cream i made a purple smoothie.
■a handful of frozen blueberries
■5 frozen strawberries
■a banana
■flaxseed meal
■some milk


Dinner was also oddly satisfying. Monday, My husband and I chopped up broccoli, colored peppers, celery, carrots, cucumbers, onions, radishes, (the tomatos didn’t hold up well) and some mozerella cheese and placed them in small ziplock bags and put them into a larger bag. We filled another bag with romaine, iceberg and spinach. Having a large salad was never easier. My daughter and I paired it with roasted pepper and tomato soup. We also had some leftover Christmas ham.

It was so funny that she was grumbling about eating healthier while chomping down on salad and vegetable soup.



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