It’s finally over! – part 2

Friday morning my neighbor and I headed outside bright and early.  The mountain of items from my home and the hill from hers was pulled out and displayed as best as we could onto tables.  Open totes with more items rested underneath the tables.  Hundreds of books waited for some new reader to take them home.  I was slightly embarrassed and immensely relieved to see all of my clutter out on the lawn.

Sales were steady throughout the day.  My daughter enjoyed playing outside – I realized Friday would have been the perfect day for her lemonade stand but I had told her only one day and we chose Saturday.  At the end of a relatively successful first day we pulled inside anything we’d be upset if it were stolen.  To make set up easier in the morning we toted up everything by table and then slid the tote under the table where the items were displayed.  The table with the massive amount of glass items and knick knacks was covered with a tarp and considered good.  Books were toted up and left on the lawn.  Clothes and toys were stacked under the canopy and the canopy was dropped down.

Set up in the morning was mostly a breeze – much quicker and as far as we could tell nothing had been stolen.  I offered deep discounts on everything.  I started bag sales at 11.  I gave free items with every purchase.  When I felt like being done I carefully looked through the items remaining and pulled out a few items to set aside and then offered out the rest for free.  I reassessed the items I pulled out and decided I really needed them them and offered more for free.  By the time I went in for the evening we were down to four tables.  By morning we were down to two tables and then one.

Today I had one car load of items to take to the Salvation Army.  I have a small tote of books to donate to my work.  I have one small tote of items to try to sell and one small tote of race car tracks that I may or may not try to sell.  Amazingly enough I have a large stack of empty totes outside that used to be full of stuff.  I have a mostly empty shed.  Oddly enough my home is a mess but I should be able to pull it together.

So, what was I able to puchase with my yard sale gains?  I’d imagine you’d be surprised considering I gave away so much for free or for super cheap.   We bought the Keurig Elite, the reusable coffee filter and a box of Donut Shop K-cups.  House full of clutter replaced by a beautiful coffee maker.    I’d say I got the best deal of the weekend.  A bigger home and an awesome Keurig.

What really amazed me was how much my daughter made at the end of the two days.  She wanted an ereader.  I really thought I’d be putting money towards this for her.  She ended the second day with over $90.  Tote after tote after tote of toys, books and clothes gone replaced by an ereader that she hasn’t set down.  She bought it in blue from Walmart – an Ematic ereader for $50.  Which meant she had extra money to buy the batteries she wanted for other items.  She was even able to put money into her savings.

At the end of the sale I gave her the opportunity to take any one item back into the house.  She asked if it had to be hers and I said no.  She looked carefully through everything and picked out a toy belonging to the neighbor.  I had her pay for it and reasked if there was anything of hers.  She said no which surprised me and said that I could give everything else away.


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