It’s finally over! – Part 1

Saturday, July 7 was supposed to be it – the final yard sale of the summer.  I knew there were problems when it was 8:45am and still not a customer in sight.  We’ve always gotten the early birds and I never turn them away – I see it as a sign of good fortune.  I know people are coming.  But not on this day.  It was my first multi-family yard sale as I went in on it with my neighbor.  By noon we had less than 12 people stop by and I had $27.  Subtract the $20 I paid for the newspaper ad and that left me with $7.  The newspaper made more off of my sale than I did.

A shopper said, “Aren’t you worried about the storm?”  We had looked at the weather online and it was supposed to just miss us.  5 minutes after she said that big, fat raindrops fell furiously to the ground.  I quickly sent my daughter inside to get my husband while my neighbor and I quickly bagged and boxed everything we could.  Many miserable minutes later everything was safety under the canopy or quickly shoved into sheds and our homes.  The yard sale was a mess and mostly a failure.

We all agreed that we didn’t want to take the stuff back inside but were unsure what to do with all of the stuff.  It didn’t feel right to me to donate everything as we were soo far away from any sort of goals we had set, my daughter made about $5 which definately was not enough for her e-reader goals.  It would have taken multiple trips to the Salvation Army using a truck to get it all over there.  My neighbor joked that we could have a big bon-fire.  I chuckled but fears of burning down my home accidently made it not very funny.  I decided that with my upcoming mini vacation that I would hold another sale on Friday and Saturday.  I was reminded that both my neighbor and my husband worked so I would be alone for the Saturday sale but I stated that I would be fine and that I didn’t want to have to transport everything.

We took the more valuable items inside, dropped the canopy down and crossed our fingers that nothing got stolen while we waiting until Friday for better luck.

On a positive note it gave me more time to unclutter and we managed to have a game night which was lots of fun.  All in all it was a pretty positive experiance for me.

Oh – by the way – I am now writing this as I sit on my comfy couch in the family room!  This room is bigger and better and all I needed to do was get rid of tons of stuff:)


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