Allergies and Deficiencies

To say that I’m frustrated is the understatement of the year.  I really struggle with my vitamin D levels.  When my vitamin D is low (when I don’t take supplements) my fibromyalgia is terrible.  I suffer from all over muscular/ skeletal pain and all over feelings of malaise.  Months ago I learned that vitamin D3 is made out of lanolin.  I’m allergic to lanolin – hives, welts, etc.  Since I’ve started taking the supplements the majority of the pain is gone however I have other ongoing problems that I can only imagine is from ingesting something that is poisonous to me – headaches, nausea, sore throat, itchy skin.

Fish oil and exposure to the sun is equally problematic to me because both make me very sick as well.  Today I found a vegan Vitamin D3 online at so I ordered them.

Nature’S Plus Source Of Life Garden Vitamin D3 – 60 – Veg/Cap

It’s made out of mushrooms which are disgusting but i don’t believe are something that I am allergic to so here’s hoping!


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