Purging continues – into the kitchen

so we are going through our kitchen cabinets – first things first I had to wash all of our dishes so that we could see the whole picture.

We started with the drinkware – i pulled all the water bottles, glasses, coffee mugs and cups down and arranged them all on the table.  10 coffee mugs for a family of two adults.  4 wine glasses that we rarely ever use.  12 glasses that we don’t use.  well over 20 plastic cups.  We purged down to a much more reasonable number and freed up tons of cabinet space.  All in all we cut down by over half.

Next was the plates and bowls.  We kept all 12 of our glass dinner plates but got rid of all of our small glass plates and our glass bowls.  We kept our lovely red plate bowls, our red bowls and mini bowls and a new set of plastic bowls.

the rubbermaid is arranged on the table waiting for my husband to help me narrow down but it’s break time – an episode of Deep Space Nine then more purging.

more to go but definately making progress.


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