today i made an amazing dinner – with some help.  It really was amazing.  I had an idea – I wanted corn on the cob – slightly salty, slighty sweet with an interesting twist.  I wanted to use my lone yellow squash I purchased from the farmer’s market before it went bad.  and I wanted mini meatloaf.

My adhd self does not like to follow recipes.  they are too structured, too organized, too stifling.  This has caused my family to have some interesting meals – some never to be repeated.  wonderful dishes forgotten because i don’t remember how it was made such as my shrimp cashew pineapple rice.  terrible dishes scrapped and peanut butter sandwiches made.

We decided to head on over to my brother’s home and I offered to make dinner.  Where I am scattered and all over the place, my brother is king of attention to detail.  I knew my dinner would be successful with him around. (he is very talented in the kitchen – precise, knowledgeable and good with flavor).

He was intrigued about my idea for dinner and asked me for my recipe.  I stated, “I figured we’d wing it.”  He looked interested and confused.  I said, “I don’t have a recipe but I have a pretty good idea.”

Here’s what we did: (please excuse me – i am no culinary expert or even a novice)

Mini Meatloaf

  • 1 1/2 pounds lean ground beef
  • 1 egg
  • minced garlic
  • powdered garlic
  • powdered onion blend (see image)
  • poultry seasoning
  • low sodium beef bouillon
  • oats
  • Vidalia onion
  • butter (to saute onion)

I figured regular meatloaf takes a long time in the oven.  Also with larger loaves I feel the outside is also the best part so the two ends are the best.  I thought that if we made meatloaf that fit in the holes of a cupcake pan that we’d have perfect little loaves.  We started with about a pound and a half of very lean ground beef.  I added an egg.  I asked if he liked garlic and he said yes so I took a big spoonful of minced garlic and dumped it in the bowl then I added some more.  He stopped me and said, “you really don’t have a recipe?”  i said, “nope but i’m sure this will work.”  and we continued.  I asked for his spices and he showed me the cabinet.  “Which ones do you need?”  “I don’t know, whichever looks good.”  I grabbed the powdered garlic.

He started catching on.  He handed me some poultry seasoning and then an onion powder blend.  He thought some low sodium beef bouillon would be good so we added that too.

He said people usually put bread crumbs in meatloaf.  I said, “what about oats?  do you got that?”  He did and asked how much.  “Well, maybe two handfuls will do – we’ll just have to see how it looks.”

We decided to put ketchup on the outside but learned we had none so he finally decided to improvise.  As I mixed up the meat then cut up 1/2 a Vidalia onion he started combining ingredients.  I gently sautéed the onion with some butter.

Here’s what he did:

  • small can of tomato paste
  • 1/2 jar tomato and basil spaghetti sauce
  • dash of worschester sauce
  • 2 or 3 spoonfuls of brown sugar
  • dash of vinegar
  • (Unknown if there was more but I believe this was it)

I added the onion, and about 3 spoonfuls of the tomato mixture to the bowl with the meat and mixed it all up.  We sprayed down the cupcake pan with olive oil cooking spray and i made mini meat loaves.

We cooked them for 30 minutes or so on 400 degrees.

He then said a glaze would be good.

I melted about 2 tablespoons of butter, added two spoonfuls of brown sugar and about 4 spoonfuls of his mixture and mixed it all up.

When the meat was cooked I rolled the meat around in the bowl with the above mixture.  I then placed these on a foil lined cookie sheet (oiled), upped the temp to 425 and put the meat back in.  We cooked until the glaze was golden brown.

The remaining tomato mixture was placed on the table as an accompaniment.

Grilled Corn on the Cob

  • corn on the cob (husks left on)
  • coarse salt
  • coarse black pepper
  • butter

We snipped off the ends of the corn leaving the husks on.  I soaked the ears of corn in cold water with some salt added to it.  I then put the corn in the microwave for 5 minutes.  My sister-in-law then peeled back the husks, removed the silk and handed me the corn.  I added a slice of butter and some rough ground pepper and salt.  I wrapped the husks back around the corn and tightly wrapped each ear with aluminum foil.  We then grilled the corn for about 15 minutes.  After it cooled we removed the foil and husks and served.

Yellow Squash Medley

  • yellow squash
  • Vidalia onion
  • mini sweet peppers
  • coarse salt
  • coarse black pepper
  • butter

I sliced up the yellow squash, a Vidalia onion and about 8 mini sweet peppers.  I added them to a pan with some butter, coarse salt and black pepper.  I sautéed them until slightly translucent.


  • strawberries – quart
  • blueberries – pint
  • sugar

We sliced up some strawberries, added a pint of blueberries, mixed in a spoonful of sugar and dinner was done.

It was amazing.  Please forgive me if I forgot anything.  We did not write anything down and I’m working off of memory but it was AMAZING.  so good.  there were no leftovers it was that good.


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