Yard Sale Pointers

So I would really love to donate all of my clutter but my husband and daughter wouldn’t part with anything if I did that (tried it and it didn’t work).  What works for us is that we sit down as a family and pick an incentive prize(s) to purchase with yard sale earnings.  This could be something you wouldn’t necessarily buy out of your paycheck (if money is tight) but should be something you really want.  I would even recommend printing out a picture of it to use as an incentive to declutter.  It works for very stubborn clutter bugs.

I also encourage my daughter and her friend to have a lemonade and bake sale.  I buy the supplies and they split the profits.  They learn some valuable skills and earn some pocket change.

I love using masking tape and a marker for pricing items.  I find the tape comes off items much easier than pricing stickers.

I also recommend pricing lower than you think you should.  You won’t recoup even half of what you paid for an item at a yard sale.  If it is something valuable you should list it online or specifically include it in your ads.  If it doesn’t sell at the yardsale for what you want then try to sell it online.  Anything you feel is worth pricing at $10 or more should be included in your ad – craigslist, facebook, etc.  This will bring out people specifically looking for that item so are more likely to pay more for it.

I would recommend keeping valuable items on one table and then sit at that table.  Trust me – this is better than someone walking off with a digital camcorder without paying for it plus you are right there to answer any questions about the item.  This is also smart for any items such as swords, weapons, adult items.

I look up items on Amazon.com to see what they are selling for new.  Anything that sells for over $40 new I price for about $5-$10 depending on how much I want to get rid of it.  Over $100 new I may price up to $50.  For items such as camcorders, cameras see what they are going for on ebay and price accordingly.  If these items don’t sell at the yard sale then I set them aside and try to sell them online.

Anything that sells for under $40 new online I mark for a quarter to $4.  At the end of the sale if these items are still around then they should be donated.

We have had a lot of luck selling items for 25 cents, 50 cents and $1.  We also rough add items so if a total comes to $7.25 I tell them $7.  It helps reduce handling large amounts of change and people often pay a bit more because they feel like they got too good of a deal if you underprice.  Our last yard sale was on a very wet, cold day and we underpriced all of our items and made over $200.  We easily had 3/4 of our yard sale items left at the end of the sale (which is why we are having a second sale).




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