night before the yard sale

so it’s the night before our yard sale and i am so nervous.  having trouble settling down for sleep so i figured i’d write.  it’s raining heavily right now and it has me so nervous.  there’s a chance of rain tomorrow too.  tomorrow is supposed to be my big day!  getting rid of clutter – hopefully lots of it.  posted some items on facebook, sold some early.  have a lot more to sell.  we really want the stuff gone and i know my husband feels the same way because he was helping me price today and was putting 25cents, 10cents on items.  most things are crazy cheap but we have a lot of it.

i did a quick walkthrough of the house trying to find more items to sell.   my husband thinks that we will want another sale next month.  he thinks once the piles are gone that we will want to get rid of more.  i hope this is true.  my family room is much better.  the living room – not so much but it’s the priced yard sale stuff.  there’s more out in the shed – priced and ready to go.

we have 4 folding tables, our outside table and the neighbor is loaning us their picnic table to display items.  I wish we had more tables but it’ll have to do.  We actually have two garment racks so that we can hang clothes.  that is so exciting to me.

i really worry about the rain.  i’d hate for all of this stuff to get ruined.  but i gotta have some faith.

fingers crossed for a successful and sunny day tomorrow!


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