The Great Purge Continues

So the yardsale is coming up real soon – in just 2 weeks (and 2 days).  I’m really pushing ahead slowly but surely.  I’m really going to have to work on it a bunch this weekend though to get it done on time.  I’ve been getting through a small tote load at a time and most nights sit down with my husband to purge more.  Last night we worked on some sentimental items and I purged some surprising items that I never thought that I would.

– my pledge books, tons of cards, playbills, ticket stubs, wedding invitations (with the exception of my siblings’ invitations).  Also purged was my honors sash and college hood.

My little Rainbow Brite doll is in the yard sale pile.  I am surprised at the relief of having it there.  So much grief surrounds that beautiful little doll.  The giant family picture on my grandmother’s mantel with my childish 4-year-old grin beaming away front and center hugging that adorable little doll.  My 5-year-old aunt was not allowed to have her dolly in the picture but I was.  Somewhere around there is where our relationship turned sour.

We started last night with 3 memory totes – one for husband, one for us and one for me.  By the time we were done it all fit into one tote.

Tonight I worked on my daughter’s memory tote.  in the garbage is the barely started baby book, the journals of an undiagnosed ADHD mother telling tales of forgotten diaper bags and lost travels.  many more cards filled the garbage bag as did odd items that hold no “real” value such as the Gerber baby spoon with her name and birthdate.  We never used it so it was just an item taking up space.

In my memory items  I kept a handmade doll from my grandmother.  I can’t tell whether I love it or hate it but husband thinks I’d regret it if I got rid of it.  Also kept was a small pillow my mother made me dated 1986.  She used to do crewel embroidery and this pillow has a lovely little image of a little girl walking home with a grocery bag with sausages hanging out.  Behind her trailed an assorted crew of adorable dogs.  I woke up that Christmas morning with this cute work of art on my bed with me and I’ve kept it ever since.  Also kept was my favorite maternity shirt – black with white polka dots with lovely pink ribbon and my girl scout vest full of badges.  maybe someday these items will leave but not today.

My husband stated that he thinks we may need more than one yard sale this summer.  He stated that he thinks we will sell quite a bit but that we may find that we want to get rid of more once we have some of it gone.  I had really hoped that we would donate all the items unsold but if it means we’ll continue to pare down I think I can live with that.


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