Miss Minimalist: Inspiration to Downsize, Declutter, and Simplify

When I was younger I read an article about a girl who was a minimalist and everything she owned fit inside one large box.  I was excited and told my mother about it who promptly said it was stupid to want to live this way.  You see I come from a family of hoarders to varying degrees.  I in turn became a borderline hoarder and I see the same in my daughter.  When I first met my husband everything he owned could fit in his car with the exception of his bed.  Now he holds onto everything just in case – it’s like a disease.  I’ve come to see that the STUFF makes us sluggish and effects our mental health. As I started decluttering my daughter became calmer. It’s amazing. More space to think, to play and to be. I hit a decluttering wall until I found this book – well-written, easy to use and spurred me back to action. Loved it so much that I bought The Joy of Less too. Currently reading it between decluttering sessions. Thank you Francine Jay for two great books! (and in digital format too! no book clutter)


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