Stuck on these books!

So I’ve read The Joy of Less about 3 times now.  I really need to start reading a new book but I keep repeating this one.  It’s so strange but this book is really helping me get through my hoarding compulsions.

Things I’ve been able to purge – the cards we received from our wedding 9 years ago, the positive pregnancy test from 8 years ago, tons of books, papers, research materials, picture frames, collections, furniture, and more.  It’s amazing how open my family ro0m is looking.  It’s quickly becoming a comfortable place instead of the room of doom.  I’ve promised pictures and I will be posting them soon.  The room though is looking good:)

My anxiety is tapering off again and the OCD compulsions are easier to manage so I feel as though I can get back to working on my goals for happiness.  I have been working on doing items off of my happiness list and I’m feeling more optimistic again which is fantastic.  I’ve been able to smile and laugh again which is great.  OCD is one of the most horrible things to have to live with.  I’d get rid of it in a heartbeat if I could.



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