Hold your head up and smile

I’ve been practicing this skill lately and surprisingly it does seem to help make me feel better.  There are many reasons to smile – it makes people more attractive, it relieves stress, it’s contagious and it can help you stay positive.  Just by smiling you can feel happier.  I’ve been putting a smile on my face more and it does help – the anxiety is lessened and I find myself more agreeable.

I’ve also been saying yes a whole lot more!  Almost everybody says that you have to learn how to say no.  I’ve got No down to an art form.  I’m definitely a no person.  “Can I do this?”, “No.”  “Can I do that?”, “No.”  “Can I have this?”, “No.”  It just rolls off my tongue and comes out.  Throughout this process I’ve been working on saying yes more!

Today my daughter asked to ride her bike.  The neighborhood kids have so much more freedom than she does.  We want her safe and we want to know where she is at all times.  The rule is she has to be where she can see the kitchen window.  If she is where she is supposed to be we can see her from 3 different windows.  Unfortunately this does not allow for bike riding as it’s hard to ride on grass.  Today I let her ride up and down the private drive with her friend.  I realized today how sheltered we have kept her – she rides with training wheels and all of the other kids ride so much better than she does.  It’s been hard though because of her lack of attention which makes her unsafe.  If we can’t be right there watching her the answer has always been no.  She’s come a long way though since she’s been working with her therapist and she did very well today without my constant watchful eye.

Zone Cleaning

Today was a very long but productive day.  There is so much more to do though but that is life.  This week is Zone 2 – or the kitchen.  There was a sink full of dirty dishes plus the section of counter next to it.  My husband asked me to wake him up today so that he could help wash the dishes.  I used the power of 15 to get them done though while he slept.  I washed some then let them dry while I worked on other things.  I put those away and repeated a few times throughout the day.  I tackled the refrigerator which was in desperate need of purging.  I also tackled the bottom cabinets to create a shopping list.  My countertops are cleaned off and are looking good.

Progress was made with the dreaded family room though it still looks like a nightmare.  Three full totes taken out to the shed – all for the yard sale!  and they are all priced and ready to go.  AMAZING!

Easter decorations and things are also packed up and ready to go out.  Winter stuff is heading that way too!  I washed our hats, gloves and scarves so that they are nice and fresh before going into storage.

The crazy thing is the amount of garbage I removed from our home today.  4 bags of garbage.  It really makes me think that we need to do things differently.  such waste.  I’ve been thinking about starting a compost pile to cut down on some of the waste.  When we lived in the city recycling was so easy as they picked it up at the curb.  I’m ashamed to admit it but I suck at recycling.  We recycle the bottles that are 5cent returnables but even then it’s hard for me.  I think anything that adds too many steps becomes too overwhelming to me.  We have about 10 large bags of bottles out back because of it needing a special trip into town to take care of them.

Each step though that I take towards a simpler life though creates more time and energy as there is less stuff dragging me down.


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