A long drive, a Bunny Cake and Just Dance 3

Today my daughter was outside crying in the rain.  Her face was blochy red – tears were mingling with the rain.  I viewed the scene with a pain in my heart and anger boiling up.  Two other girls stood outside with her – no, not with her but separate from her.  They stood there together and my daughter alone with her tears.  I heard the one – her supposed friend – saying in a hurtful tone, “I can’t aways play with you, you know.”  Almost every time this third girl comes around my daughter is rejected, cast aside and ignored.  The other said, “I’m not getting involved with this” but there she stood in the middle as always.  I said to the friend, “so it’s okay to be friends with her when no one is around but she’s not good enough for you when others are?  just remember this next time your lonely because she won’t be here for you.” I made my daughter come in and I shut the door – shutting the harsh cruel world out.

I held her close and hugged her tight.  I helped her change into warm, comfy, dry clothes and hugged her again.  We woke up her dad, my husband, and crawled under the covers and I held her while she cried.  until of course the dog jumped on the bed and tried licking her face to cheer her up.

I texted the other mother and politely informed her that there was a problem.  I needed to get out, to get her out and away.  Told her to grab her quarters and stated we were going for pizza.  I took the long way to pizza.  The highway takes you there in less than 10 minutes.  We turned right instead of staying straight.  Drove past the fields, over the river, leisurely drove through the town pointing out the large, old houses.  There was a lovely lavendar home, a faded green one.  We passed this large old home with sprawling front porch that had hundreds of jack-o-lanterns decorating it two years ago for Halloween.  We drove along by the railroad tracks and looked at the trains, drove downtown pointing out the shops.  We’ve lived here for almost 2-years and we don’t know our own town.  There is a chocolate shop, a hot dog shop, two tattoo palors across the street from each other.   We drove past a duck pond that we will come back to on a sunnier day.  Stopped for milk shakes and drove some more.  found a museum and some vacant store fronts.

We ordered our pizza and she spent her quarters on the machines.  They are such a waste of money but to a child it brings great joy especially when mom says yes when I normally say no.  Off to redbox and more quarter machines.

She wasn’t in the mood for Happy Feet 2 and we couldn’t rent the Muppets so I decided to splurge if there was a game she wanted and we looked at the games available.  An evening of Just Dance 3 and some pizza is a sure fire recipe for brighter moods.

Shortly after we got home there was a knock on the door.  The little girl came to apologize and invite my daughter over to bake a cake.  I reminded her that it was pizza and game night and tell the other girl to go home.  We sat eating our pizza and I realized that she needed to go.  I sent her over.  A short while later they came back over and I invited the girl in to play the new game.  It was so fun watching them dance and laugh together.  They then went back over to decorate their masterpiece. She came back over with the ear to share with us.

Her feelings appear healed.  but mine not so much.  How many more times do we go through this before we put our foots down, turn away and not look back?


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