Zone Cleaning

So this week is Zone 5 – living room, family room or den.

I actually spent a couple of 15 minute spurts on the family room – I know – shocking.  The middle of the floor is empty which is AMAZING.  I stacked the yard sale items neatly against the one wall.  I piled stuff still to sort against another wall.  I even sorted through some papers.  Can’t believe it but it does feel a bit better in there.

Today I tackled a sore spot in the living room – my daughter’s desk.  Awhile back I was sick and tired of her room.  I removed two full totes of stuff from her room and took it out to the shed.  I removed another smaller tote full of stuff to be placed in the shed.  And then I had an overflowing tote of her stuff that I really didn’t know what to do with it so I plopped it right down on top of her desk – in my living room.  Crazy I know.  It sat there for weeks.  I couldn’t take it anymore and finally sorted through it today.

Funny thing is it made me want to re-go through her room.  I pulled out more items from her toy box to store, I removed all of the bins from her closet and put those toys in her toy box.  Which left the entire bottom part of her closet empty.  I decided to do something extra special for my daughter so that when she got home she would be extra excited.  She has a rather large set of plastic drawers full of polly pockets and accessories.  They have resided in the family room closet since we’ve moved here and she has needed to ask permission to go into the closet to play with these.  Since I cleared out the space in her room I moved this into her closet today.

She saw her room today – neat, clean and organized – and ran out into the living room and gave me a great big hug and thanked me.  I assumed she saw the Polly Pockets.  I said, “oh so you saw your closet?”  She said no.  I asked what the hug and thank you was for and she said it was because I made her room look so nice.  At this point though her curiousity peaked so she ran back to her room and started screaming for joy.  She invited a friend over and they played with her Polly Pockets for a long time.  Here was the shocker for me – they picked up and put away everything.  I want to cry because I’m so happy.

My daughter really struggles with getting rid of anything, even scraps of paper, broken toys or clothes and shoes too small for her.  Each item of hers donated, thrown away or sold is like she is losing a best friend.  Funny thing is she hasn’t even asked about any of the missing items.  She doesn’t know that I toted them up and stored them in the shed.  She hasn’t looked for any of it or asked for any of it.  I wonder if there is hope for her yet.




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