The Thank You Letter

My boss brings little gifts here and there for my daughter. Her friend has a daughter just a bit older than mine so for almost 2 years now my daughter randomly gets beautiful items of clothes or shoes. This week was a pair of funky cute black framed sunglasses with colored gems (tiny, descrete but sparkly none the less). Last month it was an awesome pair of Ugg boots with rainbow zippers. Mostly though it’s desperately needed clothing as my daughter shoots up inches overnight (only slightly exaggerated). I learned that this other little girl really enjoys the fact that she is able to help out this unknown stranger to her. It’s made her more responsible as she is taking better care of her items since she knows she is passing them down. She is also releasing items easier because she knows someone else will love them like she has. With the sparkly new glasses in hand I came home and pulled out some paper. I asked my daughter to write a thank you letter. Her shaky handwriting with the big crudely shaped letters spelled out a beautiful thank you letter that made me proud to be her mother. The best part though was the end where she wrote, “thank you for helping me look pretty. it makes me feel good.” I thought it was sweet. I also wrote a thank you letter to this generous 8-year-old girl who generously gives to a stranger because she knows that it helps.  We included a picture of my daughter wearing the new glasses.  She was grinning ear to ear in the picture.  I printed off a copy for myself and later when I was looking at the picture I noticed that not only was she wearing the gifted glasses, but a gifted shirt as well.

It warms my heart that children can be so generous and loving to one another.


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