The Hunger Games

So I saw The Hunger Games yesterday and I was not disappointed.  I LOVED IT!  So glad that I went.

So of course there were things that happened different in the movie than the book but it didn’t hurt the story.  It was beautiful and tragic and heartbreaking all rolled into one and it’s definitely worth watching.    The camouflage, tracker jackers and the games itself were great.

It was also great that my husband went with me!  It was the first date we’ve had in a long long time.  The last “date” we had was when we had a quick meal at Arby’s while we went Christmas shopping for our daughter.  We attempted a date in August but our daughter’s behaviors were real bad back then.  So the last real date has to be back in May for our anniversary.  Dang – we need to get out more!

Television Shows!

My daughter and I found Skunk Fu! on Netflix today and it’s so funny.  It reminds me of a younger version of Samurai Jack.

Oh my – there are ninja monkeys and killer bees and a rabbit with a very bad attitude.  It’s very funny and I love it.



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