Zone 3

This week’s zone is the bathroom and an extra room.  As I’ve said in a previous post the small bathroom is looking rather good.  It still desperately needs to be painted.  I really need to post a picture of the walls – horrid print.  For Christmas my mom gave us a new faucet set for the bathroom.  We really needed this as it’s difficult for my daughter to turn on and off the water.  It still sits on the floor next to the sink in the small bathroom as my husband cannot figure out how to turn the water off.  So maybe this will be similar to the beast – it’ll sit there till I can’t stand it no longer and insist that it be finished.

Flylady encourages people to swish and swipe in their bathrooms daily.  I found something that helps make cleaning the toilet very easy.  Lysol makes an automatic toilet bowl cleaner so that everytime you flush some cleaner swirls around and keeps the bowl shiney and clean.  Plus it makes the bathroom smell clean.

So this week I imagine that I’m going to have to work on the larger bathroom.  This will take some work – clutter is lurking under the sink, on the sink, on the shelves above the toilet, next to the toilet.  Bottles of nailpolish, lotions, hand sanitizers, cold medicines, tons of bandaids and more.  I am possible the least fussy girl there is about my appearance – never wear a lick of makeup and seldom do my hair or nails with the exception of my daily high ponytail yet I have barrettes and clips and headbands, make up and more.

So how does the big bathroom make me feel?  terrible.  I barely want to step into it.  Maybe by the end of the week this room will make me feel happy.

The Other Room

Dun dun dunnnn!  family room time?  I think not.  Not yet anyway.  I seriously want this room to look nice but I’m just not there yet.  Maybe when the rest of the house looks good I’ll have no excuse but to fix this room.  It’s embarassing though.  It could be on an episode of Clean House it’s so bad.  Fortuneately we wouldn’t qualify for Clean House even if they did our area because you need at least three rooms in CHAOS and we have the one with bits and pieces of foolishness elsewhere.

Bit by bit, piece by piece the house is doing better.  Once we have the yard sale it will be great (to be honest much of the foolishness in the family room is stuff for the yard sale).



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