Movie Night

My husband and I watched Letters to Juliet the other night.  It had been on our Netflix DVD queue for quite awhile and it kept getting bumped down in favor of new releases and other movies that looked more interesting.  I’m typically not the type to rent or watch a romantic movie.  I’m glad that this one found it’s way to our home.  It had me in tears on several instances and was quite a lovely movie.  Typically I dislike movies where someone is engaged to someone and then fall in love with someone else.  In some way it always feels wrong to me.  In this movie that happened – Victor the fiance is busy opening is own restaurant.  Sophie is searching for her identity – a fact checker who wants to be a writer.  The story is very predictable and some of the acting is bad but I really enjoyed this movie (love it even?)  It made me cry which felt good (sometimes in our stressful lives just getting the tears out can be healing) and it made me smile.  It also made me appreciate my husband because he cares about me and has never treated me like the fiance did or the other man did.




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