The Hunger Games

I haven’t writted about the Hunger Games yet even though I absolutely love this trilogy.  This blog is about happiness and the books make me feel tons of emotions but happiness really isn’t one of them.  This trilogy has completely captured my imagination and it’s superbly written.  I’m so excited about the upcoming movie and cannot wait for it to get here.  I loaned my physical copies to my sister who of course loved them.  I have my digital copies at the ready on my ereader and browse through them frequently. 

I went browsing through the book section at Kmart the other day and found this gem, The Hunger Games Tribute

Guide”  Now I’ve been working on paring down my books and haven’t bought a new one in a few weeks but this one flew into my hand and made it through the checkout.  It is a beautiful guide and a definately tease because the movie is still more than a few days away.  My husband has started reading the first book and I want to share this one with him but I don’t want to ruin the book for him by giving away parts of the book.  I wish he would get hooked already and read faster.



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