What the Experts Say – Part 2

6.  Make Friends, Treasure Family – the closer I’ve become to my family the happier I’ve become.  close relationships with others has been proven to increase happiness.

7.  Smile Even When You Don’t Feel Like it – I love this one.  It’s similar to what I tell my clients, “Fake it until it’s true”.  Change is hard.  Change in personal beliefs and behaviors is even harder.  We go into homes and expect people to change.  I tell people to fake it until it’s true.  Go through the motions until they are true.  Repetitive behaviors become habits.  Smile even when you don’t feel like it.  Smile often enough and you will do it without even thinking.

8.  Say Thank You Like You Mean It – when someone compliments you don’t argue or discount it.  Just say thank you.  At work we do recognitions.  Every week during staff meeting we thank those around us that have done something nice or who has made a difference.  We thank their hard work or their accomplishments.  We thank each other and it feels good.  At the other office there is a dry erase board so you can thank people for what they’ve done.  I love this!  When another staff helps me out or doesn’t something well or encouraging or thoughtful I post it for all to see.  I read the acknowledgements and I know I work somewhere fantastic.

9.  Get Out and Exercise – my doctor tells me to exercise, my therapist tells me to exercise, books, articles, posters.  It’s everywhere.  Does this make people happy?  Studies have shown that it does.  My husband is encouraging and has offered to help.  Keep you posted.

10.  Give it away, give it away now! – She refers to a “helper’s high”.  Haha is that why I’m in my field?  Must be.  Helping others makes you feel better:)

So I’ve been watching Clean House and I LOVE it!  so there is an episode with a red velvet Jesus.  Mark Brunetz has helped me tremendously with my quest to declutter and redefine my life.  Do you love something enough to design your whole room around it?  No?  Get rid of it.  If you are not willing to showcase an item than you may not love it as much as you say.  I love him.  I’ve been watching Clean House then I purge.  Watch Clean House then I declutter.  and I love Niecy Nash.

Here is Butterfly Dreams by me.


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