What the Experts Say

10 Things Science Says Will Make You Happy is a pretty great article from Yes Magazine.  It was helpful because it matches up with some of the things that really seem to make me happy – 1. Savor Everyday Moments.  Even really crummy days have it’s golden moments.  Like today – it was a stressful day at work and the weather was bad but tonight was family movie night and we watched Rio.

It made me laugh real hard.  It was cute and serious.  It was funny and I really needed a laugh.  My dog acting all hyper and crazy also made me laugh and that felt good too.

2. Avoiding Comparisons is essential to a person’s happiness.  My daughter went to a birthday party last weekend.  It was at the child’s home which was HUGE.  It was a large, ginormous home with a huge yard, tons of storage and landscaping.  My small little home with the small little yard felt inadequate and not good enough.  I felt discouraged, frustrated, and inadequate.  Then I realized that there wasn’t anything wrong with my home or my life but that it was just different.  I spoke with my husband about this and we talked for awhile about how our health has held us back over the years – his depression and my until recently undiagnosed ADHD with OCD.  For our own personal struggles we do very well for ourselves.

3.  Put Money Low on the List – people with less money can seem just as happy if not more so than people with lots of money.  I’ve met people who earn much less than I do that are content with their lives and appear happy and grateful.  I want more – more money, more space, more, more, more but as I pare down and as there are less items put onto my wish list the happier I am becoming.

4.  Have meaningful goals -she recommends strong dreams and aspirations.  The executive functioning part of my brain makes it difficult for me to set goals.  Dreams and aspirations – my ADHD daydreaming brain has me doings things outside my skills and limits.  Fantastic adventures and master of many skills.  What are my goals?  What is a realistic set of dreams and realistic aspirations for me.

5. Take Initiative at work makes sense.  When I am behind at work I get bogged down, nasty feeling and fall further behind.  When I am caught up at work I feel invigorated and like I could take on the world.  I help out more and I do more for my clients.  I am happy and feel like I am doing something important.

to be continued….



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