How to Be Happy

There are tons of books, articles and advice on happiness.  There are quotes on happiness and studies done on happiness.  What makes a person happy?

wikiHow has an article on How to Be Happy.  This article discusses 8 steps to happiness.  Doesn’t it sound easy?  Follow these 8 steps and you too can be a happier person!   All kiding aside though there was some interesting points in this article.

1.  Be Optimistic!  – the power of thought can take a person far.  If you can change your attitude you can change your levels of happiness.  The book I’m reading about attitudes would agree with this statement I believe.  If a bad attitude causes negative things to occur then a good attitude would cause positive things to occur such as a better outlook on things and increased happiness.

What I found helpful was the following comment:

“Just because something seems to make other people happy doesn’t mean that it really does. People are very good at pretending they’re happy, especially when they’ve invested so much into the things that are supposed to make them happy; it’s hard to admit that you’ve been placing all your eggs in the wrong basket.”

A few weeks ago I wrote about how people thought that I was happier than how I felt about myself.  People are very good at pretending.  When you asked someone how they are doing today most people will respond they are good even when they are not.

I also thought it was important that they stated that happy people are not happy all the time.  They are just better at getting back to a happy state of being.


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