Productive Day

`Ready for bed – looking forward to a good night sleep.  I will be going to bed satisfied tonight.  My husband and I got a bunch accomplished today and it feels great.

Our family room has over time become our family dump.  You know – walk in, throw the items and run for your life.  It’s where everything winds up that needs a home.  I’ve always wanted my own desk.  When we moved here I got my wish.  It’s a beautiful desk and I enjoyed it all of a few weeks.  It then became a major clutter magnet.  It felt like I needed to shovel a walkway just to get to it then I had to tackle the STACKS on top of it.  Well I decided that I was going to sell my desk, get rid of some of the clutter and put our extra couch in it’s place.  My husband thought this was a great idea and we started the process.  I already have an interested buyer for the desk – it leaves tomorrow.  I have two totes full of items for the yard sale we are having in May.  We dusted and washed walls as we shifted things around.  The carpets were vacuumed and re-vacuumed which got rid of tons of pet hair and other stuff.

We rearranged the living room and mounted the tv on the wall to free up more room.  It’s starting to look great:)

Wanted to share – I found this while sorting through my stuff today.  My great grandmother painted this when she lived in the nursing home.  I fondly remember going to visit her when I was young.  I smile every time I see this.  Gotta say – I love it.


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