Day 40 – Thursday

Much has happened – much to talk about.  Where to start?

Family Health Updates:

My daughter has been in chronic pain for awhile now.  It makes me nervous as she is only 7-years-old.  The pain is everywhere – legs, feet, arms, hands, neck.  Could be growing pains, could be something worse.  They had us increase her calcium intake and take a multi vitamen for two weeks to see if that helped.  We went for the follow up and they are concerned.  The doctor talked about “red flags” but stated not to worry.  We are going to see a pediatric rheumatologist soon to try to get some answers.  I sat patiently (though nervously) while she had xrays completed and then blood work – lots of tubes.  She looked so pale afterwards.  Guilt over something out of my control led me to purchase a $7 toy at the hospital gift shop afterwards.

Also in pain has been my husband.  His feet, especially his left foot, has caused him considerable pain in the last few weeks.  Went to the walk-in clinic and was told he needed to see a podiatrist as he had two planter’s warts underneath his skin on the bottom of his foot.  Went to the podiatrist who promptly declared he had bowstringed tendons on both feet that would progressively get worse until -well you get the point.  She stated that she could do surgery cutting the tendons allowing his toes to straigthen out (causing him to miss 4 weeks of work while they healed) or she could order him custom made orthotics at the tune of $400 that may help but not cure the problem.  My husband was devistated and retreated within himself.  The next day I spoke to my supervisor who promptly recommended a second opinion and gave me the name of an orthopedic doctor to go to.  Went to the doctor where they took xrays, reassured us that he didn’t need surgery and provided him with orthotics to the tune of $70.  Much better.  His metatarsal joints are bumping into the ground as he walks – Yes there are disadvantages to being tall and skinny.

Me?  not so much in the way of health problems.  Minor set back with a ripped contact so I’m wearing my glasses until I can get in to see an eye doctor.  It was about time anyway.

Life Updates:

Three big ones in no particular order

  1. My home computer died (hense the missing blog entries).  This has been hard as I love my computer and all that is on it.  I think it would have been easier if I had dropped it or something but it just peacefully died in it’s sleep.  I closed it so that I could fix dinner.   After dinner I opened it back up to show my husband FlyLady’s purple calendar and it wouldn’t wake up.  Nothing we did fixed it.  Nothing my computer genius of a brother could do to fix it.  We decided that eventually we would get it fixed but couldn’t afford to do so at the moment.  Apparantly it’s still covered under the extended coverage that we purchased so now my computer has been sent away to be fixed or replaced at no cost to me.  Life is good again.
  2. Our beautiful puppy has a new home.  April I brought home Ollie for my husband as a birthday gift.  Ollie is this beautiful red-bone coon hound mixed with retriever.  We trained him, loved him and provided a good home to him.  But – he is rather large and our home and yard are rather small.  He is rather active and we are not.  He is very strong and has separation anxiety.  My husband found a very good home for our baby who can provide to him what we were not able to.  I miss my beautiful dog but he seems happy and well-cared for.
  3. My work moved to a new location.  We rented space in this old converted school.  At one point it was an ideal location for the small specialized services program but the program outgrew the space and we didn’t have room to breath or properly store items.  It was cluttered and too small.  Our new space allows each of us to have our own office and it has plenty of space.  It was a wonderful choice for a new space and it fits the agencies needs well.  Unfortunately it’s farther from my home.  The drive went from being 26 to 38.5 miles away or an extra 25 miles per round trip.  That’s 40 minutes more driving, less workings, less being with my family.

Books of Interest:

I’ve been reading Dirt:  The Quirks, Habits, and Passions of Keeping House by Mindy Lewis.  I gotta say this is much better than I could have ever thought possible.  I thought I was getting a book on how to clean.  My thoughts are always on how to clean my house.  It’s a little bit crazy and it drives me a little bit crazy.  This book is soothing and has caused me to become much more reflective on how I view my mess and my clutter.  This book is a collection of essays written by many different people that speaks of their journey through life through their insights into their housekeeping and relationship with their stuff.  Our homes and our dirt portray very intimate details about who we are and what we have been through.  I’m obsessed with space.  Am I taking up too much space?   Is my stuff taking up too much space?  If we make space will we know who we are or what we can become?  I have this fear that I don’t know who I am and if I were to get rid of everything that doesn’t reflect who I truly am would I be left with nothing?

I’ve also started reading The Daring Book for Girls by Miriam Peskowitz and Andrea Buchanan.  This book has been sitting on my book shelf in the family room for a long time now.  I’ve looked through the pages many times and it fuels dreams of having adventures with my daughter but often it stops there.  I got the digital version and have been reading it page by page trying to absorb it to share – so far read about Essential Gear, Basketball and Netball.  I realized as I was reading that I take in words but don’t always learn for I read how to shoot a basket but it wasn’t gained knowledge.  I forced myself to slow down and visualize the act and pictured each step as described.  This summer my daughter and I have talked about making a “Daring Club for Girls” where we plan to use this book as our guide.  If it is to become a reality I need to make it real – take the fuzzy daydream out of my head and put the steps into action.

Finished reading Bossypants by Tina Fey.  Amazing book – very funny.  She made me laugh so many times.  It was the cover of the book that drew me in because I didn’t watch Tina Fey on SNL or tv for that matter.  For those of you who don’t know – we do not have television service in our home.  We use Netflix to watch TV.  If it’s not there on DVD or instant streaming then we don’t watch it.  Palin skits – didn’t see them.  30 Rock? nope.  Just informed though that 30 Rock is on Netflix so I know what is going on my instant Queue.

Change Your Brain Change Your Life by Daniel Amen, M.D. is probably the most helpful book I’ve read in a long time.  It helps more than anything else has for me.  With ADHD and OCD I feel crazy sometimes.  This book helps to see why I act and react the way that I do.  I love the stories about real people, real problems and the brain images.  I love the activities provided to make a difference.  It helped me understand bonding better.  It helps.  There be more to comment on with this book once I’ve finished reading it.

Wouldn’t you know that the book that is to change my outlook on life is the book that I lost?  I was able to find a copy from my library of Better Than Chocolate:  50 Proven Ways to Feel Happier by SiimonReynolds.  I’ve come to realize that I’m going to have a buy the book because I need to return this copy to the library.


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