Day 20 – Friday

Today is day 20 in my quest for happiness.  Each day it feels like the goal is being pushed further away.  I’ve been thinking alot and I realized that I am the biggest barrier to my own happiness.  I think part of the problem is that I push unpleasant things away without really addressing them which ultimately leads to a bigger problem.  I think that if I start focusing on fixing the unpleasant things I can make them better so that I stress and worry less.

Books to Think About

This week has been a quick week as Monday was a holiday so no work.  I’ve been reading more (thanks to my husband who gave me a beautiful pink ereader for Christmas).

Just finished reading “The 100 thing Challenge” by Dave Bruno.  The book was interesting.  I know this sounds odd but it felt like there were too many words.  I liked how it was drastic enough for him to feel it but not radical enough that others couldn’t relate.  He didn’t count family items and shared items.  He didn’t force his family to participate and buy into this.  He chose to limit himself to 100 or less items that were strictly his.

I would not want to have so few items but I do know that I have so much more than I need.  There were moments while reading this book that I wanted to start counting my items to see where I stood.  This of course would be bad for my mental health as I have counting problems (OCD).  I was attracted to this book because 100 is such a beautiful number.  I started to think – hmmm – 100 things per room.  I could do this.  but then I realized I’d be counting Q-tips and crayons and then my husband would find me obsessing over push pins and whether or not they should count as individual items or a set.

I think it would help though to look objectively at what is surrounding me at home.  I can’t find a notebook and pen right now at home.  My head and home are so cluttered that I feel hindered by both.  How do we strip away the unneccesary and leave only what is important?  Will freeing out that space to create openness and flow increase our capacity for happiness?  points to think about anyway.

I’m now reading “100 Simple Secrets of Happy People” by David Niven.  It’s an interesting read.  Not far enough into it yet but I still prefer “Better Than Chocolate – 50 proven ways to feel happier” by Siimon Reynolds.  There are little smilie faces throughout this book.  I don’t know if I like them or am annoyed by them.  It’s like the bubbly happy people out there that really just kind of piss people off.


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