Day 13 – Rough week coming to an end

This week was rough – but here’s hoping to a great weekend.  It’s amazing how much someone else’s “drama” can really effect me.  I also think that I’m getting sick which doesn’t help things.

So there may be some truth to feeling happier after exercising but I don’t think it’s for the reason the experts say.  The only reason I feel happy after I’m done exercising is because I’m no longer exercising.  Yes, yes I am a negative person but hey it’ll be okay.

Day 11 –

Breakfast for dinner – boosts the mood every time.  Started watching Inspector Gadget with my daughter – she’s hooked and I’m shaking my head asking myself what I was thinking.

Day 12 –

Yesterday I tackled a kitchen job that I’ve been putting off for quite a while.  I cleaned the inside of my refrigerator.  Emptied one shelf at a time and cleaned and decided whether or not the items needed to go back in.  My cleaner refrigerator definitely makes me happier.

I’ve been making time every day to play a game with my daughter and that makes me happier too.

Worn out – my brother went in for surgery and he is thankfully doing well.  Looking on the bright side – I got to see my wonderful sister-in-law and then see the smile on my brother’s face when they brought him to his room and saw his wife.  It was a very warm and touching moment.

Day 13 – 

Chose to deviate from the plan and work on the family room instead of the kitchen.  I couldn’t handle it anymore.  We haven’t touched it since Christmas.  It’s still a disaster but we can walk through it now.

Getting ready for the weekend.  Going to start reading some new books and spend some time with my family.


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