Week 1 Complete! Benefits:

Creating a Happiness List

When I look at my happiness list I realized that it doesn’t cost very much money for me to add happy activities to my day, every day.  The most expensive thing on my list is the subscription cost to Netflix or the text messaging plan on my phone.  More than 3/4 of the list is absolutely free! 

For the things that make me happy again most are items that I already own.  Food items are relatively cheap.  I can surround myself with happy things with very little effort or expense.

Zone 1: Kitchen, Dining Room and Entrance

My dining room is now free from Christmas items, the outside area around my door is raked, straightened and clutter free creating a much more welcoming sight and the entrance room looks bigger.  I found our missing shed keys, the ice scraper for our vehicle and cleaned out the lint from around our dryer.  Lawn furniture is put away in the shed and the table is to the curb.  PLUS, PLUS and PLUS. 

I declare week 1 to be a success!


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