Day 5 – Gathering Steam

Welcome to Thursday!  For most of my co-workers this signals the start of the weekend.  We have the option of a 4 or 5 day work week and most everyone takes the 3-day weekend.  I on the other hand value the shorter days of the 5-day work week and the quiet peacefulness of the office on Friday.  I’ve been using the power of 15 today to work on notes and phone calls.

The happiness lists are proudly hung in my kitchen by the table so that whenever I need a pick me up it’s there to remind me.  The zone cleaning is making a dent.  When I see the rest of the house a shambles I remind myself that their week will come.  Acceptance of the mess (temporarily) and valuing my time is helpful because I’m not beating myself up when I need to rest (physically and mentally).

Today is also the day that I vow to get the beast to the curb.  Staying optimistic that someone will see it and decide that they can’t live without it.

Offered to help my daughter make a happiness list for herself and she is not interested so I didn’t push.  Since the first assignment feels done to me I think I’ll work on a few pages representing the lists and put them in the album and keep the lists themselves on display.

Homework for today –

  1. create some artwork representing my happy lists.
  2. move the table to the curb and spend 15 in zone 1
  3. continue using the 15 at work!

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