Day 4 – To Think About

“It is not easy to find happiness in ourselves, and it is not possible to find it elsewhere.”

– Agnes Repplier

Yesterday I told a few people about my happieness goal for 2012 and how I’d like to be less negative and more positive.   The response was confusion and the statement that they didn’t think that I was a negative person.  It made me wonder how many people do we know that appear happy and pulled together but really aren’t on the inside?  Often I feel that if I could bottle up all my negativity inside and throw it away that I would fill a rather large trash can.

Yesterday I read an article on what does not bring happiness and it all could be applied to the above quote – fame, wealth, power.  These items can all be taken away or could carry such heavy negative burdens that just having them does not mean that you will be happy.

My husband could make me happy but he could leave.  My daughter could make me happy but it’s not her job and children push parents away, make bad decisions sometimes and eventually they grow up and move away.  The only one who is constantly with me is me so that is really where I need to find my happiness.  That way it’s always there and I am in control.

My sister passed this quote along this morning – “cherish the moments that make each day special.”  She stated that it helps her see the day in a different light as it pulls the good out above the bad.  I know that when you look for the bad in things it’s what pops out all over.  I know the opposite to be true as well.  To be happy I think we need to find more good than bad in whatever situation we find ourselves in.

Homework Goals for today:

  1. continue thinking about the happiness list and find a place to hang it up in the house
  2. spend another 15 minutes working in zone 1

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