Day 4 – Homework Update

Homework Update #1

I’ve decided to hang up the two happiness lists in our kitchen/ dining room.  Four items were added to the “Things that make me happy” list.

  1. Lavender – it’s such a comforting smell.  There is a rather large bunch of it right by my mom’s home.  When the breeze blows just right it mingles with the fresh air and it tickles my brain just right.  The color lavender is also quite wonderful – feels like home – warm but cool.  comforting and peaceful.  It should be my color.
  2. Chamomile – soothing and yummy – my favorite tea
  3. Fabric softener sheets – I imagine that it comes as little suprise that my favorite sheets are Downy Simple Pleasures – lavender serenity.  When the laundry is drying this sent mixed with the warm fresh laundry smell lingers in the air.
  4. Our Summer Garden

Our summer garden was probably the most wonderful thing we could have done as a family.  It was my husband’s idea.  I’m not much of a dirt person, or outside person, or take care of things person.  I like to humor him though so we went to Lowe’s and Walmart.  We picked up the seeds, the trays and bunches of soil.

I have to say it was amazing growing the seeds into plants.  They sat on our bedroom dresser and then the coffee table until they were ready to be planted.  Our yard is small but he worked the soil and created two beds to plant our seedlings in.

It was fasinating to see the process through.  We had green beans and radishes.  We planted cabbages even though none of us like them.  We did it because my daughter wanted to say, “My Cabbages!” like the cabbage vendor from Avatar: The Last Airbender.  We planted tomatoes and corn, zucchini and herbs.  We failed at carrots and peppers but we tried.  We even were able to harvest a handful of snowpeas.  Every day the three of us would check it and explore.  Do we have something new?  Look at that bug?  I would water the garden and “accidentally” miss and water the kids instead.

The second bed had herbs – sage, basil, dill, parsley and cilantro.  There was mint and some others that I don’t quite remember.  I would have my daughter and the neighbor’s children smell the different herbs and taste them to experiance the joy of our little family garden.

Homework Update #2

Oddly enough I have a dining room table sitting right by my steps leading up to my home.  Eye sore? yes.  Misplaced? of course.  This beast of a table sits there because I was sick of seeing it in my kitchen.  Our home is not big but I think it could be the right size for us (minus the clutter).  This table overwhelmed the space we have and it came with the house.  As there were no chairs with it there were several stained up computer chairs hanging out around the table.  Cringeworthy to the extreme.  I begged and pleaded with my husband for this lovely breakfast nook at Kmart

We bought it and it looks quite lovely in our kitchen/ dining room.  It’s just the right size for our small space.

So we moved the beast outside and someone agreed to take it.  This was the end of September.  It didn’t fit in their vehicle.  It doesn’t fit in ours.  No one else wanted it.  So there is sits.  I’ve told my husband that we need to put a sign on it that says “FREE TABLE” and put it on the curb.  Still it sits.  At first it was covered with tarps, then the tarps blew off.  Today I made the sign and took the first step towards getting rid of the beast.  I went to move it but unfortunately it is not a one-person job.  I did pick up the tarps though and sweep down the steps so all is not lost.

From there I headed back inside to the entrance.  Swept, mopped, decluttered.  I threw away over 15 items and found a few items to give away.  Put a few items to their proper places (maybe just proper rooms) and I must say that I’m impressed with how much better it looks.  I even did an extra 15 minutes today in zone 1.


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