Day 2 – Homework update

Working on my happiness list:

  1. Petting my cat
  2. Talking with my daughter
  3. Learning new things
  4. Having coffee with my husband
  5. Reading books and articles
  6. Listening to music especially strong, soulful or positive women.
  7. Making breakfast for dinner
  8. Playing a favorite board game
  9. Looking at pictures
  10. Reading quotes especially funny or inspirational
  11. Joking around with my daughter
  12. Watching tv shows on netflix with my husband (or my daughter depending on the show)
  13. Texting with my sister
  14. Making a sale on cafepress
  15. finishing something

Finding 15 activities that make me happy was much harder to do than I thought.  I had to ask both my husband and daughter what they thought made me happy.  This was hard because there are activities that I routinely do so it would appear that these activities make me happy.  Thinking about it caused me to think about whether or not these activities really make me happy or are they just activities that I obsess over.

Here are common activities I do often that I realized today that doesn’t increase my happiness.

  • Clean, sort and organize.
  • Hang out on facebook.
  • Collect or maintain collections.

Tomorrow I will continue working on my happiness list.  I have my 12×12 scrapbook page started.  I’m going to add some artwork to the page this week so I have something attractive to look at for when I start falling into a rut.


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