Day 2 – Homework Update

Homework Assignment #2

So I’ve finished task 2 for the day.  I have to say I’ve been putting it off for most of the day.  Strange isn’t it?  I committed to spending 15 minutes working in zone 1.  I spent way more than that avoiding those  short 15 minutes today.

In the process of procrastination I scrubbed my kitchen sink, the dish drainer and the counter.  I’ll consider that Day 1 in the FlyLady baby steps.  Her first step to changing your life is shining your sink.  It’s definately clean.  So are the dishes.  Boring I know.

So I couldn’t put it off any longer so I pulled out the timer and set it for 15, pulled out a bucket, Lysol, hot water and my purple rag and headed for the entrance.  It was yucky gross in there.  Really didn’t want to go even though I have to go through that room multiple times a day.

We enter/ exit our home through our back door.  The front door leads straight into our living room and if there’s no snow this time of year there is mud.  Not pretty for the carpets.  Our back door leads straight to the laundry room/ garbage area.

Oddly enough as I’m writing this update I’m feeling content.  In 15 minutes I was able to clean the inside of the door, wipe down the grime from the walls, washer and dryer, sweep and mop the floor, remove cobwebs and remove clutter from the floor.  I hate cleaning but I saw a huge improvement in a short time.

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I also found a bonus activity that makes me feel both content and happy.  Tonight my husband asked me to make soup with the leftover ham and greenbeans.  I really enjoy making soup.

I also told my husband about my happiness project so tonight after dinner we did one of the activites off my list.

We learned a new game!  Go Nuts! is a super fun, fast paced dice game from Gamewright.  My daughter won the first round and my husband won the second.  It was fun and I felt connected with the two people that matter most.


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