Day 2 – Finding Inspiration through Books

New Year’s Eve I was feeling very crummy.  I was upset because I felt as though I wasn’t where I should be or even who I should be.  It’s really crappy feeling that way because the more you think about it the more you can justify your feelings.  I was wallowing in my stinking thinking.  I read “Better than Chocolate” by Siimon Reynolds and as I was reading though this book I realized that I didn’t have to feel so negative anymore.  Just because I lean towards being a negative person doesn’t mean that I have to accept it.

Today I reread through the goals I made for myself and am thinking about how to implement them into my life.  I’m a big crash and burn type of gal.  I tend to make lofty save the world type of goals and have big expectations of myself.   I want to fix everything all at once and make everything instantly better.  This doesn’t work so well.  I’m an adult with ADHD – the best of intentions but I get overwhelmed easily and give up frequently.

I started this blog with the intent to track my progress and keep myself motivated through 2012.

This book has 50 different ways to feel happier and there are 52 weeks in a year so if I try a new one each week I may actually make some progress.

I’m also going to be working out of this book:

This is Sink Reflections by Marla Cilley (the FlyLady).  My home as a whole is a large source of stress for me.  It feels cluttered and unfinished.  It feels like it’s patched together, unorganized and mismatched.

Fly Lady sets up our homes into 5 zones.  I really want to sweep through my house like a crazy banshi and do a whirlwind cleaning session but this won’t work – i always putter out, it gets messy in my wake, it’s not fun.  I’m going to follow the zone cleaning with Fly Lady and take one zone each week.  I will declutter, clean and organize that zone and not allow myself to feel bad about the others until it’s their week.

Since it’s the first week of the month we are in zone 1.  Zone 1 covers the entrance, the front porch and dining room.

Here is how I’m going to use the Power of 15 today to help me towards my goals.

I’m going to spend 15 minutes starting on the first activity in Better Than Chocolate and then I’m going to spend 15 minutes in my entrance wiping down the grime.


2 responses

  1. Happy New year! I’m so glad I found your blog. How can I follow it? I often do the same with creating ambitious goals and then kicking myself when I don’t reach them. This year I’ve chosen 3 new year’s resolutions to stick to and that’s it. I’m going to try and do a few things well rather than fail at a lot of goals all at once.

    • thank you for your comment:) I’ve really found that 15 minutes towards a resolution is so much easier than the all or nothing approach. I’d love to know how your resolutions work out for you! Maybe we can succeed together this year!

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