Day 1 – Setting the groundwork for the new year

My Points to Remember for 2012:

  • The Power of 15!  15 can be whatever it needs to be to help me reach my goals whether it’s 15 minutes of any given activity, 15 items to get rid of, 15 notes to write.
  • Less is More!  The plan is to spend less, hold on to less.  Have less items to clean.  Spend less time doing things that I really don’t want to do and more time doing what I enjoy doing.
  • Take care of myself, my family and my home.  This includes treating myself better and thinking more positive about myself.
  • Smile and laugh more!  Be happier with who I am and where I am with my life.

My goal for this year is to practice a new skill each week.  The areas I’m going to focus on are skills to help build my happiness levels and my self-esteem.  I’m also going to work on skills to reduce my complaining and lessen my anxiety.


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